Hermi's sustainable commitment

Hermi's sustainable commitment

At Hermi, we are adding momentum to sustainable business transformation by presenting our commitments which cover all three areas of sustainable development: ecological, economic and social. The sustainable path of the European manufacturer is elaborated in the company’s “8+8+8” sustainable policy. “We connect people, we define new paths and routes” is the central message of the new video, in which the creators highlighted Hermi’s sustainable aspects of cable trays and ladders. 

The commitment to foster sustainable development and net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 is not just an agreement between politicians and countries, but a persistent and constant effort and obligation of all of us – individuals, business entities, societies and all people on Earth. “We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”, so we should do everything we can to maintain it properly until they can take over. Hermi's “8+8+8” sustainable policy is driven by decarbonisation and circular economic principles that promote economic growth and cooperation. All 24 aspects are published on the company's website, some of them are highlighted below 


The company Hermi – the European manufacturer of lightning and surge protection, cable trays and ladders, and mounting systems for solar power plants – covers more than 20 % of its electrical needs with its solar power plant, which is installed on the roofs of the Hermi production halls and headquarters. We are planning an additional PV system to be installed on the new production hall which will help us to become even more energy independent. Project design is already underway.


We reduce the consumption of natural resources by using recyclable and recycled materials. Hermi products are produced from various materials, including copper and aluminium, which are completely renewable as raw materials. In addition, swarf, shavings, chippings, flakes of metal and other waste, that is generated during the manufacturing or in the renovation of facilities, are carefully collected, sorted and returned to the recycling cycle.


We are steadily reducing the consumption of water, paper and plastic – both at the manufacturing and the level of individual users. No bottles or plastic pots are used in meetings and at work. Every day, we strive to reduce the use of paper and ink for printing. Paperless business is gradually being introduced. The company is also the recipient of the international certificate ISO 14001 (environmental management systems).


Hermi's business culture incorporates a philosophy of sharing and passing on knowledge from generation to generation. We cooperate with Slovenian and international educational and other institutions. In this way, we contribute to faster industry development and innovation.


We provide scholarships to promising young people and, by popularizing knowledge, arouse interest in various, often deficient professions in the industry. We support individuals, various associations, federations and institutions through sponsorship and other forms of support. The company and its employees help in the event of natural disasters.


Four decades ago, the company's founder, Herman Rauter, highlighted “an honest attitude to work and respect for a given word” as the basic values of his family business. The next generation adds a “responsible attitude towards nature and natural resources”.


You can read more about Hermi's 8+8+8 sustainability policy on the webpage HERE.


Check the newest video about the sustainable Hermi cable trays and ladders HERE.

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