Introducing the Hermi KON11 UNI Universal Pipe Bonding Clamp

Introducing the Hermi KON11 UNI Universal Pipe Bonding Clamp

Hermi is proud to introduce the new Hermi KON11 UNI universal pipe bonding clamp. This innovative product redefines the way lightning conductors are installed on (drain) pipes. As the name suggests, the pipe clamp is characterized by its universality. The adjustability of the pipe clamp allows it to be mounted on different dimensions of (drain) pipes without the need for screws or power tools.

The use of the KON11 UNI universal pipe bonding clamp reduces the time required and simplifies the installation of the lightning protection system. The Hermi KON11-UNI can be mounted on the (drain) pipe without screws, and the lightning conductor can be attached without the need for tools. No special electrical tools are required for installation.

This adjustable pipe clamp replaces a multitude of fixed pipe clamps with dimensions ranging from Ø60 mm to Ø130 mm. It is also suitable for (drain) pipes with intermediate dimensions (60 mm, 65 mm, 70 mm, 75 mm, etc.) or inaccurate pipe diameters (e.g., 103 mm, 117 mm, 129 mm, etc.). KON11-UNI is also available for larger pipe diameters upon request. It is made of stainless steel material, ensuring a long service life.

The universal pipe clamp is available in two technical versions. One allows the lightning conductor to be attached directly to the pipe. In this case, a single squeeze allows both the clamp and the lightning conductor to be attached simultaneously. Standard pliers can be used. Another technological variant with a double-click mounting bracket allows the clamp to be mounted independently of the lightning conductor. In this case, the lightning conductor is offset from the pipe, and it is also possible to subsequently install the lightning conductor.

At Hermi, we have also considered the aesthetic aspect in the development of the KON11 UNI universal clamp. The clamp is made of thinner material - without compromising its mechanical properties - allowing for a better and more precise fit on the drain pipe.

With the development and production of the KON11 UNI pipe clamp, Hermi is also reducing its carbon footprint. We have optimized the use of materials, minimized waste generation, and reduced energy consumption in the production process, thanks to faster and simpler production methods. By optimizing packaging, we have reduced the use of cardboard packaging, consequently reducing greenhouse gas emissions during the transport of the finished product to the customer.

The Hermi development team has been awarded a bronze regional award for the Hermi KON11 UNI universal pipe clamp in the competition for the best innovations of the Celje region in 2023. The awards are presented by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia.

The KON11 UNI pipe clamp will be available for regular sale starting from 15th October 2023.

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