Miran Rauter Receives the Bronze Coat of Arms of Celje

Miran Rauter Receives the Bronze Coat of Arms of Celje

Miran Rauter is this year's recipient of the bronze Coat of Arms of Celje. The Municipality of Celje awarded the prestigious honor to the CEO and owner of Hermi for his successful entrepreneurial career, responsible attitude toward his employees, the environment, business partners, and customers, and for running the company according to the highest ethical standards.

Hermi, a company that manufactures and sells lightning and surge protection components, cable trays and ladders, as well as mounting structures for solar power plants, operates a state-of-the-art production plant and office premises in Celje. The owner and CEO of the company, Miran Rauter, received a special award from the local community this year - the Bronze Coat of Arms of Celje.

Founded almost 40 years ago by Herman Rauter, Hermi saw Miran Rauter take over the management of the company in 2002. Learning craftsmanship, interpersonal skills, and problem-solving from his father, as well as developing persistence and courage during his teenage years as a professional alpine skier, Miran has overseen the exponential growth of the small craft business.

Over four decades, Hermi increased its production capacity, added sales segments and products, and grew into an international company with 150 employees both domestically and abroad. Today, the company boasts subsidiaries in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Austria. Last year, Hermi generated revenues exceeding €20 million and offered more than 7,500 products resulting from its own know-how and development. In 2023, Slovenia accounted for 42% of total sales, followed by Croatia, Serbia, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, and Romania. Products are sold in more than 50 markets. Hermi has experienced an average sales growth of 40% over the last three years, with foreign sales growing at an average annual rate of 56%. Meanwhile, the company has been increasing its workforce by an average of 20% each year. EBITDA grew at an average annual rate of 44% over the last 3 years, while value added per employee grew at an average annual rate of 6%. Net profit was on average 50% higher each year, with relative indebtedness at 1.8 times EBITDA. The short-term liquidity ratio was 2.90.

Miran Rauter leads a socially responsible company with the highest ethical standards, aiming to ensure customer and employee satisfaction. Upon receiving the award, Miran stated: »I am honored and touched to receive this award from the Municipality of Celje, bestowed upon me on the recommendation of the local entrepreneurial community. While the award bears my name, I firmly believe it is a testament to the collective efforts of myself and my dedicated colleagues. Together, over the decades, we have crafted the success story of Hermi, the company founded by my father nearly 40 years ago. The Bronze Coat of Arms of Celje symbolizes not only the company's business achievements but also our commitment to the well-being of our employees and their families, as well as our contribution to the economic and social advancement of the local community. Our good work is reflected in the positive response of the local community. Thank you for your trust.«

As a family-run and socially responsible company, Hermi continuously strives for employee satisfaction and promotes cooperation, education, and personal growth through various activities. The company introduces state-of-the-art technologies to facilitate work and increase efficiency and personal satisfaction. Additionally, they organize various training courses for employees, either with the help of in-house experts or external contractors, related to production areas or to strengthen skills such as workplace communication, teamwork, and language proficiency. Hermi encourages physical activity through organized guided exercise and a variety of events, such as trips, family days, picnics, reunions, and team-building exercises.

Local development is bolstered by new job opportunities, facilitated by a new production facility in Celje's Trnovlje-South Economic and Business Zone. Many collaborators hail from the local area, contributing to growth and development with products or technological solutions. Hermi continually invests in automation, robotization, and modernization of the production park, along with investing in new solar power plants, recycling, using environmentally friendly raw materials, and promoting more sustainable development and the future of the entire local community through carbon-neutral practices.

Hermi serves as a bridge between schools and industry, actively collaborating with schools at all levels of the education process. The company conducts various workshops to promote professions in demand and encourages young people through staff scholarships and internships. In the 2023-2024 school year, 30 young people from Slovenia are receiving staff scholarships. Additionally, the company supports promising young athletes and, for the third consecutive year, is awarding sports scholarships. This school year, 7 athletes are receiving such scholarships. At the local level, the company collaborates with numerous associations and organizations.

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