Protect your solar power system!

Protect your solar power system!

Solar power installations are increasing rapidly. Total cumulative installed capacity at the end of 2021 amounted to around 940 gigawatts (GW) globally and broke through the magic one terawatt (TW) mark in May 2022.

When installing a PV system, it is recommended and generally required by law to install lightning and surge protection. A lightning strike can cause enormous material damage to a power plant, facility and electronic devices; a system malfunction can lead to loss of income and can also cause energy supply interruptions or blackouts. At Hermi, you have everything in one place.

Solar power plant protection against direct lightning strike

Solar power plants are exposed to harsh weather conditions and other dangers, including lightning strikes. When lightning happens, currents can exceed 200.000A causing fire or mechanical damage on the plant, on its mounting structure or on a building where the power system is installed.

Lightning protection should be implemented by following IEC 62305, the consisting parts – interception system, down conductors and earthing system – should be from appropriate materials, sufficiently distant from conductive and combustible parts of the power plant and building. Its protected area should cover the entire facility and installed power plant.

System failure due to lightning-induced surge

Due to large electromagnetic fields present at the time of the lightning strike, large induced voltages are manifested in the installations in a few milliseconds. The effect is not only correlated to direct strike but also nearby indirect strike. Lightning induced surges damage photovoltaic modules, inverters, control electronics, and other electrical and electronic devices. Quality and properly installed surge protection and equipotential bonding must be correctly dimensioned according to the selected protection level and must withstand the maximum lightning current. Hermi surge protection provides a high level of safety, meets the requirements of international standards and is cost‑optimized.

Solar plant cable management

The long life span of solar power plants depends on the quality of the system components and their interconnections. Depending on the PV system size, meters and kilometres of different electrical cables are connected to transmit the electrical energy from the source (PV module) to electricity consumers or electro distribution network.

Bundles of electrical cables are most commonly laid on cable trays. Cable trays must be made from quality and suitable materials, with appropriate dimensions and must have adequate load capacity. With the right choice, we protect electrical cables against mechanical and environmental damage: damage to cable insulation, mechanical loads (snow, wind), the presence of moisture, or damage due to rodent presence. Hermi cable trays and ladders meet even the most demanding conditions, are both technically and visually sophisticated that, together with other components, ensure a long service life of the photovoltaic system.

Mounting systems for PV plants – durable foundations of power plants

In addition to the comprehensive protection of solar power plants, it is also necessary to take care of the durable foundations of each solar power plant, since the expected lifetime of solar power plants is also 30 years and more.

Hermi mounting systems offer many possibilities for a fast, simple and efficient installation of solar power plants. The entire supporting structure consists of load-bearing profiles, fasteners for all types of roofs and roofing, and compatible joining and mounting elements. All components are made of high-quality, corrosion-resistant materials. Hermi products provide exceptional resistance to all weather conditions and mechanical loads. They are also easily adapted to uneven roof surfaces and many different types of roofing. They are designed to blend in with the rest of the roof, its shape and style making the mounting structure of the solar plant unobtrusive.

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