Hermi exhibiting at the 61st Home Fair in Ljubljana and at the 24th International Spring Fair in Bjelovar

Hermi exhibiting at the 61st Home Fair in Ljubljana and at the 24th International Spring Fair in Bjelovar

Hermi is starting this year's trade fair season in Slovenia at the 61st Home Fair (61. sejem Dom) in Ljubljana and in Croatia at the 24th International Spring Fair in Bjelovar (24. Proljetni međunarodni bjelovarski sajam). Our team will be presenting Hermi products and services in Slovenia between the 22nd and 26th of March in Gospodarsko razstavišče, Glass Hall C, at booth number 2A. In Bjelovar, Croatia, we will be exhibiting between the 24th and 26th of March in Pavilion number 8. 

Have you adequately protected your solar power against lightning strikes? Our experts will give you helpful and concrete information about protecting your home, power plants and other facilities and devices against lightning strikes.

The use of energy from renewable sources is increasing worldwide. More and more solar power plants are being installed – both on smaller residential and larger commercial and industrial buildings. The tendency is to increase the power of each power plant and to produce as much electricity as possible. Investors and owners with the desire to increase the installed PV power plant power often use all the available places for the installation of photovoltaic modules. With the desire to make the investment as cheap as possible, they also often forget about the rules of implementing electrical installations and potential equalisation.

Solar power plants convert solar radiation into electricity. Photovoltaic modules are generally installed in exposed places on the rooftops of buildings. Due to their location, they are exposed to direct lightning strikes. In the event of a direct lightning strike, the solar power plant is exposed to the entire lightning current, which flows through the structure of the solar power plant, the PV module frames and the connection cables. The usual consequence in such cases is the destruction of the PV modules and the solar installation. There is also the possibility of other mechanical damage or fire.

A lightning strike creates both high voltages and large electric and magnetic fields. In the event of an indirect lightning strike due to galvanic, inductive and capacitive connections, induced voltages or currents can also cause damage to solar power systems.

External and internal lightning protection should be carried out for proper protection. The installation of high-quality protection requires knowledge of the existing installations on and in the building, as well as knowledge of the condition and implementation of grounding. Only with the right approach, can we adequately and qualitatively protect the solar power plant and ensure the uninterrupted production of electricity.

The fact is that both the exposure to forces of nature and the investment value of the power plant itself are not negligible factors therefore lightning protection is not only required by the regulations but also makes sense.

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