Hermi exhibiting at the partner fair Sonepar Partnertreff 2022 in Salzburg

Hermi exhibiting at the partner fair Sonepar Partnertreff 2022 in Salzburg

This year's fair season continues in Austria. The entire range of Hermi solutions will be on display on October 20 and 21 at the Sonepar Partnertreff 2022 fair in Messezentrum Salzburg. We invite you to visit us at booth number 100!

The innovative Hermi Fast Klick® series of cable trays and the Fast Joint® connecting element will be in the spotlight. We will also exhibit the latest Hermi mounting systems for solar power plants; the importance of lightning and surge protection for solar power plants will be the focus.

Solar power installations are increasing rapidly. Solar power plants are exposed to harsh weather conditions and other dangers, including lightning strikes. The installation of adequate Hermi lightning and surge protection is crucial for the long and uninterrupted electricity production.

A lightning strike can cause enormous material damage to a power plant, facility and electronic devices. A system malfunction can lead to loss of income and can also cause energy supply interruptions or blackouts. Due to large electromagnetic fields present at the time of the lightning strike, large induced voltages are manifested in the installations in a few milliseconds. The effect is not only correlated to direct strikes but also nearby indirect strikes. Lightning-induced surges damage photovoltaic modules, inverters, control electronics, and other electrical and electronic devices. Quality and properly installed surge protection and equipotential bonding must be correctly dimensioned according to the selected protection level and must withstand the maximum lightning current.

We welcome you to find out more about the topic and discuss with Hermi's consultant how to properly protect your solar power plant. Visit us! Messezentrum Salzburg, stand 100.

From the Hermi production program of cable trays and ladders, special attention will be paid to the innovative Hermi Fast Klick® series, which enables faster and easier connection without the use of bolts and tools. The Hermi Fast Klick cable tray connects to the next cable tray with a simple klick and is locked with a special element. Industrial paths are those installations where the new Hermi cable trays truly stand out from the competition. Reduced working hours can lead to substantial reductions in the cost structure of the entire investment.

At the Sonepar Partnertreff trade fair, we will set up a presentation of the Hermi cable path with real-size Fast Klick® cable trays.

Welcome to visit our booth!

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